github Backblaze/B2_Command_Line_Tool v3.18.0

latest releases: v3.19.1, v3.19.0
22 days ago


  • Change all _b2v4 --camelCase CLI flags to --kebab-case.
    Add deprecation warning for b2v3 --camelCase CLI flags.


  • Don't persist credentials provided in the Environment variables in any command other than authorize-account when using b2v4.
  • Fix b2 --help showing full binary path instead of just basename.


  • Add autocomplete support for zsh and fish shells.
  • Add support for calling b2 ls without arguments to list all buckets.


  • Add dockerhub description deployment to CD workflow.
  • Add support for pre-releases in CD.
  • Fix missing command output when running nox under CI.
  • Increase verbosity when running tests under CI.
  • Update to GitHub Actions using Node 20.

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