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25 days ago

Major updates

  • Procedural Geometry (NGE). Doc
  • Global illumination Doc
  • Gaussian Splatting Doc
  • Ragdoll physics Doc
  • WebXR improvements and Apple vision pro support Demo
  • Advanced animation system updates Doc
  • Greased Line Doc
  • Advanced Ground Projection Doc
  • Seamless texture decals Doc
  • MMD Support Doc

Breaking changes

  • Thin instances: Change default value for the staticBuffer parameter - [Breaking Change] by Popov72 (#14679)
  • Remove deprecated WebVR - [Breaking Change] by RaananW (#14439)
  • Added ArrayBufferView to possible input types to load scene content. - [Breaking Change] by SergioRZMasson (#13946)
  • Stop baking LH to RH in glTF serializer - [Breaking Change] by bghgary (#13909)
  • Add option to material cloning to not clone the same texture multiple times - [Breaking Change] by carolhmj (#13807)

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