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  • #13872: Mesh: Improve doc for ignoreCameraMaxZ
  • #13871: WebGPU: add support for new texture formats
  • #13870: Fix Scene performance counters
  • #13853: Physics: Add debug inertia view
  • #13864: Allow scene.audioListenerPositionProvider to be set to null
  • #13869: core not supported in declare module
  • #13868: WebGPU: Fix morphTargetTextureIndices overwritting morphTargetTextureInfo
  • #13866: Material plugin: Fix cleaning when engine is disposed
  • #13863: [XR] add enabledFeatures to the session manager
  • #13837: [XR] add enabledFeatures to the session manager
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  • #13860: Sprite: Fix picking when angle is not zero
  • #13842: Node Material Editor: Allow loading GLTF format files in preview window, add drag and drop, revert to cube when loading fails
  • #13859: Fix bug where constraint perp axes were ignored
  • #13857: Decal: Add support for thin instances
  • #13856: ArcRotateCamera: Account for offset when using zoom to mouse location
  • #13855: DecalMap: Fix the isReady function

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