github AzureAD/microsoft-authentication-library-for-python 1.10.0
MSAL Python 1.10.0

  • Enhancement: Proactive access token (AT) refreshing. Previously, an AT is either valid or expired. If an AT expires and your network happens to have a glitch, your app wouldn't be able to auth. Now, MSAL Python attempts to refresh some AT (typically long-lived AT) half way towards their expiration, and silently ignores the error and retries next time, so that your app would be more resilient. All these happen automatically, without any code change to your app. (#176, #312, #320)
  • Adjustment: MSAL Python will keep RT in token cache even when its usage encounters an "invalid_grant" error, so that the RT would likely still be used by other requests. (#314, #315)
latest releases: 1.13.0, 1.12.0, 1.11.0...
4 months ago