github AzureAD/microsoft-authentication-library-for-js v1.3.2
Release msal v1.3.2



  • Ensure decoding query parameters doesnt remove plus signs twice. (#1746)
  • Fix popup about:blank errors. (#1667)
  • Fix processing and redirection of acquireTokenRedirect. (#1758)


  • Remove url from timeout error message, move to errorPii logger. (#1686)
  • Add onRedirectNavigate callback to stop navigatation and get redirect url. (#1691)
  • Allow applications to bypass network request for OpenID configuration. (#1578)
  • Extend acquireTokenSilent Instrumentation. (#1629)
  • Add performance instrumentation to TelemetryManager events. (#1643)
latest releases: msal-browser-v2.17.0, msal-v1.4.13, msal-react-v1.0.2...
15 months ago