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@azure/msal-browser v2.0.1


Breaking Changes

  • None

Features and Fixes

  • Make request object optional for login APIs in PublicClientApplication (#2061)
  • Fix getAccountByUsername() API signatures to return null (#2059)
  • (#2078) Fix issues with handleRedirectPromise() where:
    • state mismatches occur if handleRedirectPromise() is called multiple times.
    • currentUrl and loginRequestUrl being evaluated as not equal if one has a trailing slash and the other does not
    • When loginRequestUrl is not in the cache, msal redirects to the homepage but would not process the hash
  • Add sid from AuthorizationUrlRequest to SSO check in ssoSilent() (#2030)
  • Add interaction type to platform state and check before processing hash (#2045)
  • Implements telemetry error calculation and caching for server telemetry information in browser scenarios (#1918)
  • Fix promise handling in PublicClientApplication (#2091)
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