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@azure/msal-angular v2.0.0-alpha.4


Tue, 02 Feb 2021 01:56:47 GMT


  • Invoke interaction if MSAL Interceptor resolves with null access token, mitigates B2C service not supporting RTs for multiple resources (
  • Pass SKU and version to msal-browser (#2845) (
  • Add redirect component, get interactionStatus from msal-browser, add inProgress$, and sample updates (#2885) (
  • Get package version from version.json (#2915) (
  • Add version detection to msal guard for canLoad interface (#2948) (
latest releases: msal-browser-v2.17.0, msal-v1.4.13, msal-react-v1.0.2...
pre-release7 months ago