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pre-release2 years ago

Announcement 📢

  • --filtered-watch-secret has been enabled by default in v0.1.0 release. Refer to kubernetes-sigs/secrets-store-csi-driver#550 for more info.
  • CustomResourceDefinitions in helm charts were moved from templates to crds directory in v0.1.0. pre-upgrade hooks have been added to manage the lifecycle of CRDs during install/upgrade.
  • ❗ Rollback to previous helm chart versions after installing v0.1.0+ will result in an error.

Code Refactoring 💎

  • create kv client once and update to structured logging (#634, @aramase)

Documentation 📘

  • adds pros n cons for access methods (#636, @nilekhc)
  • add /etc/ssl/certs volume mount for custom cloud (#651, @aramase)

Features 🌈

Helm 📈

Maintenance 🔧

Testing 💚

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