github Azure/secrets-store-csi-driver-provider-azure 0.0.16

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2 years ago

Note 🗒️

  • Before upgrade, refer to doc on the optimizations done in the Secrets Store CSI Driver and actions to take for reducing memory consumption.

Breaking Changes ⚠️

  • syncSecret.enabled has been set to false by default. This means the RBAC clusterrole and clusterrolebinding required for sync mounted content as Kubernetes secret will no longer be created by default as part of helm install/upgrade. If you're using the driver to sync mounted content as Kubernetes secret, you'll need to set secrets-store-csi-driver.syncSecret.enabled=true as part of helm install/upgrade.


Features 🌈

Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Update pod-security-policy.yaml to correct the unknown field "hostPort (#512, @balram2697)
  • check if result bundle not nil before dereferencing (#533, @aramase)

Documentation 📘

  • add installation steps for Azure RedHat Openshift (#446, @aramase)
  • update url reference in usage doc (#529, @aramase)
  • Add clarity about Service Principal being the only Identity Access Mode allowed for non Azure environments (#534, @DaveSlinn)

Helm 📈

Testing 💚

  • add unit tests and kind tests as part of nightly (#517, @aramase)
  • use variable group for kind e2e jobs (#522, @aramase)

Maintenance 🔧

  • bump to v0.0.0-20201216223049-8b5274cf687f (#511, @aramase)
  • bump browserslist from 4.14.0 to 4.16.6 in /website (#520, @dependabot)
  • Update pod-security-policy.yaml (#519, @616b2f)
  • Update Secrets Store CSI Driver to v0.0.23 (#536, @aramase)

Azure Key Vault Provider image is now in and Secrets Store CSI Driver image is in

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