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1.0.0-beta.1 (2024-04-01)

Features Added

Initial release for Import of SAP systems' inventory using the Discovery template into SAP Migration discovery site resource and it's child resources, the SAP instances and Server instances.

General New Features

This package follows the new Azure SDK guidelines, and provides many core capabilities:

- Support MSAL.NET, Azure.Identity is out of box for supporting MSAL.NET.
- Support [OpenTelemetry]( for distributed tracing.
- HTTP pipeline with custom policies.
- Better error-handling.
- Support uniform telemetry across all languages.

This package is a Public Preview version, so expect incompatible changes in subsequent releases as we improve the product. To provide feedback, submit an issue in our Azure SDK for .NET GitHub repo.

NOTE: For more information about unified authentication, please refer to Microsoft Azure Identity documentation for .NET.

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