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1.0.0-beta.3 (2023-05-17)

Features Added

  • Added new function listRooms to list all created rooms by returning PagedIterable<CommunicationRoom>,
  • Added pagination support for listParticipants by returning PagedIterable<RoomParticipant>.

Breaking Changes

  • Changed: updateRoom no longer accepts participant list as input.
  • Changed: Replaced addParticipants and updateParticipants with addOrUpdateParticipants.
  • Changed: Renamed RoleType to ParticipantRole.
  • Changed: Renamed getParticipants to listParticipants.
  • Changed: Renamed CreatedOn to CreatedAt in CommunicationRoom.
  • Changed: removeParticipants now takes in a Iterable<CommunicationIdentifier> instead of Iterable<RoomParticipant>.
  • Removed: participants from CommunicationRoom model.
  • Removed: roomJoinPolicy so all rooms are invite-only by default.

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