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13 days ago

1.2.0 (2023-05-26)

Features Added

  • New enum type ActionType with values ActionTypeInternal
  • New enum type Origin with values OriginSystem, OriginUser, OriginUserSystem
  • New function *ClientFactory.NewOperationsClient() *OperationsClient
  • New function NewOperationsClient(azcore.TokenCredential, *arm.ClientOptions) (*OperationsClient, error)
  • New function *OperationsClient.NewListPager(*OperationsClientListOptions) *runtime.Pager[OperationsClientListResponse]
  • New struct AvailabilityZoneMappings
  • New struct OperationAutoGenerated
  • New struct OperationDisplayAutoGenerated
  • New struct OperationListResultAutoGenerated
  • New field AvailabilityZoneMappings in struct Location
  • New field Geography in struct LocationMetadata
  • New field ActionType, IsDataAction, Origin in struct Operation

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