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1.7.0-beta.1 (2023-05-24)

Features Added

  • Restored CAE support for ARM clients.
  • Added supporting features to enable distributed tracing.
    • Added func runtime.StartSpan() for use by SDKs to start spans.
    • Added method WithContext() to runtime.Request to support shallow cloning with a new context.
    • Added field TracingNamespace to runtime.PipelineOptions.
    • Added field Tracer to runtime.NewPollerOptions and runtime.NewPollerFromResumeTokenOptions types.
    • Added field SpanFromContext to tracing.TracerOptions.
    • Added methods Enabled(), SetAttributes(), and SpanFromContext() to tracing.Tracer.
    • Added supporting pipeline policies to include HTTP spans when creating clients.
  • Added package fake to support generated fakes packages in SDKs.
    • The package contains public surface area exposed by fake servers and supporting APIs intended only for use by the fake server implementations.
    • Added an internal fake poller implementation.

Bugs Fixed

  • Retry policy always clones the underlying *http.Request before invoking the next policy.
  • Added some non-standard error codes to the list of error codes for unregistered resource providers.

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