github AutoMapper/AutoMapper v7.0.1

As part of this release we had 11 issues closed.

This is a bugfix release to remove the dependency on the deprecated System.Reflection.Emit package from Microsoft.


  • #2661 Regression: Exception during Expression Builder Map Creation


  • #2682 Remove package references to System.Reflection.Emit
  • #2681 ProjectTo : An edge case with the let clause
  • #2679 Adding sourcelink to enable PDB debugging
  • #2677 Parameterized queries
  • #2675 Unable to cast TypedConstantExpression to MemberExpression in ProjectTo
  • #2671 Include with open generics
  • #2669 Fix SetTraceIdentifierAction constructor name
  • #2665 Does AutoMapper support Open Generics with inheritance from a non-generic base class?
  • #2664 Link to the new expressions package
  • #2662 Fix bad similar type replacement in parameters

Where to get it

You can download this release from nuget

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3 years ago