github AutoMapper/AutoMapper v6.2.1

As part of this release we had 7 issues closed.


  • #2407 Add Mapper.Reset to reset static mapping
  • #2406 Adding ability to configure the member list to validate; closes #2402
  • #2404 Add Mapper.Reset back


  • #2403 Moving inline map creation back to inside type map resolving
  • #2402 6.2.0 Broke Conventions-Based Mappings With Missing Target Members
  • #2399 After upgrade to 6.2.0 - xUnit test fixtures throw exception
  • #2394 Inline maps broke missing type map creation for ProjectTo.

Where to get it

You can download this release from nuget

latest releases: v10.1.1, v10.1.0, v10.0.0...
3 years ago