github AutoMapper/AutoMapper v3.0.0

AutoMapper is now a Portable Class Library (PCL) to target multiple platforms including:

  • .NET 4 and higher
  • Silverlight 4 and higher
  • Windows Phone 7.5 and higher
  • .NET for Windows Store apps (WinRT)

Quite a bit of under-the-covers refactoring was needed to convert to a PCL, which should make it easier to have cross-platform support going forward.

New features:

  • Cross platform support
  • Code comments for public API
  • Collection, MapFrom and flattening support in LINQ projection

Issues closed:

  • Automapper: complex nested collections mapping with Entity Framework #360
  • AutoMapper uses Expression.Invoke when Entity Framework does not support it. #358
  • FileNotFoundException in PCL on WinRT App #353
  • Different destination instance using Mapper.Map with CreateMissingTypeMaps option #352
  • AutoMapper QueryableExtensions throws NullReference #351
  • MappingEngine.CreateMapExpression #347
  • Release notes / Change log for project #346 (hardy-har-har)
  • Cannot project array type #344
  • Entity Framework 5.0 + Project() = Null reference #343
  • Edited QueryableExtensions so that it handles OrderBy and ThenBy on child collections. #327
  • Fixed projection with null reference or null collection in source object. #310
  • CreateMapExpression MapFrom problem #299
latest releases: v10.1.1, v10.1.0, v10.0.0...
7 years ago