github Ashinch/ReadYou 0.7.4

latest releases: 0.8.1, 0.8.0, 0.7.8...
2 months ago


  1. Add "Tips & Support" page.

  2. Add update check and download.

  3. Select dynamic color theme by default on first install (if available).

  4. Add swipe down sync feature to the information flow page.

  5. Temporarily add a loading hint when full content parsing.

  6. Update some upstream dependencies (may have unknown defects).

  7. Support RSS v1.0 protocol (to be tested).

  8. Fix the system navigation bar background.

  9. Fix the issue of not intercepting the back event when the option menu is opened.

  10. Optimize some video styles in the reading page.

  11. Optimize some abnormal styles.


  1. Check for updates once automatically every time when cold start (you can experience it when the next version is released).

  2. When checking for updates, use the Gitee API when Simplified Chinese languages and the GitHub API when other languages.

  3. Please don't check for updates manually too often (a cooling interval of 2 seconds has been set), as the same IP can only access the GitHub API 60 times per hour, and the exact frequency limit of the Gitee API is unknown (it hasn't been reset for 8 hours yet).

  4. Refactoring of reading page came after v0.8, and refactoring of icon and cover came after v0.9, and support for FreshRSS (Fever API, Google Reader API) came after v1.0.

  5. This version can only be synchronized in single thread because of the bug of upstream parsing plugin, which may be a bit slow. The plugin author mentions that it will be fixed in the next version, and the Atom protocol will be supported as well.

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