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2 months ago


  1. New dynamic color system (requires Android 8.1+, the number of dynamic colors depends on the richness of the current wallpaper colors, usually 1 ~ 3).

  2. The color value of the accent color can now also be customized (the entry is in the last swatch of the basic color, it should be noted that the custom color is only for reference, the specific color, the color picking algorithm will automatically select the appropriate Monet color value)

  3. Unimplemented features are now marked in gray to reduce confusion.

  4. Fix the problem of confusing information flow time sorting when the filtering condition is subscription source.

  5. Improve icon size of notification.

  6. Now duplicate articles will not be synced (duplicate means the original page link is the same).


  1. The first time you switch colors after installation, it may jump back to the home page, so we will fix it in the next version.

  2. The next version is mainly the "About" page and the built-in new version check.

  3. The reading page will be separated from the sliding group and become a separate page.

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