github ArthurSonzogni/FTXUI v4.1.0

latest release: v4.1.1
18 days ago


  • Feature: Support ResizableSplit with customizable separator.
  • Fix: Support arrow keys in application mode
  • Fix: Remove useless new line when using an alternative screen.


  • Feature: Add the dashed style for border and separator:
    • See DASHED enum, and separatorDashed(), borderDashed() functions.
  • Feature: Add colored borders.
    • See functions: borderStyled(BorderStyle, Color) and borderStyled(Color).
  • Feature: Add LinearGradient. It can be used in color and bgColor.
  • Improvement: Color::Interpolate() uses gamma correction.
  • Fix: Check the graph area is positive.


  • Use globally set CMAKE_CXX_STANDARD if it is set.
  • Expose the pkg-config file.

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