github Anuken/Mindustry v144.2
7.0 Build 144.2

latest release: v144.3
5 days ago
  • Fixed Mindustry consuming ~44mb more RAM on startup than v6 did - this will fix random out-of-memory crashes on many low-end phones
  • Fixed logic blocks not re-enabling blocks when unlinking from them
  • Updated various Serpulo turret sprites/animations (Contributed by several community members on Discord)
  • Re-added the base builder AI rule and enabled it in the existing custom game attack/PvP maps
  • Buffed Tecta unit
  • Made file chooser on Linux now use Zenity when possible
  • Improved schematics used in base generation on Serpulo (Contributed by @BlueWolf3682)
  • Various minor improvements to modding API

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