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Inventory Kamera V1.3.7

latest releases: v1.3.16, v1.3.15, v1.3.14...
18 months ago

What's Fixed

  • Auto updater fixed
    • Sorry for the delay on this. The updater is now fixed. Data files for Genshin 3.4 are included with this release.
  • (Maybe?) Fixed Error-1 crashes
    • Headway might have been made on this. Tesseract might have been complaining about non-ascii filepaths since Kamera had it operating on absolute paths. Using a relative path did not impact testing. Hopefully this solves problems for users who encountered this issue.


Inventory Kamera has a discord server. Feel free to join or ask questions there.

Full Changelog: v1.3.6...v1.3.7

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