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Inventory Kamera V1.3.5

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19 months ago

What's New

  • Auto-Updater Re-enabled
    • The auto updater has been re-enabled. With this, Kamera has switched to using the Genshin Fandom Wiki to keep itself up-to-date with Genshin releases. However, this will only keep itself as up-to-date as the Wiki's Version History. While the updater is working for 3.3, the real stress test for correctness will come when the Wiki updates for game version 3.4.
    • The provided release file contains NO data. This is meant to force Kamera to update it's data to conform to the new format. It's recommented to make sure there are NO files located within the InventoryLists folder, at least for the first run of the auto-updater.
    • For manual updating, the format that the updater generates (and that Kamera now expects) is slightly different than prior versions. Please reference this Github's README or the generated data for expected formatting in different files.

What's Fixed

  • Wanderer Scanning
    • Scanning the Wanderer with a custom name should be fixed with this version.
  • Exporting Full/Partial Scan of only Characters
    • Previous versions wouldn't export if you had only scanned characters. This is fixed.


Inventory Kamera has a discord server. Feel free to join or ask questions there.

Full Changelog: v1.3.4...v1.3.5

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