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Inventory Kamera V1.3.4

latest releases: v1.3.16, v1.3.15, v1.3.14...
19 months ago

What's new

  • Added custom Wanderer option
    • This should work for custom wanderer names. This hasn't been extensively tested since I only just pulled him and haven't done the quest for a name change. If you find your Wanderer custom name isn't being recognized drop a message in the Discord.

What's Fixed

  • Fixed item scans not working when item preview is scrolled incorrectly
    • The item preview is not always scrolled correctly due to a bug introduced in Genshin 3.3. When scanning weapons/artifacts/materials, the item preview will be scrolled to the very top in each inventory page. This will not add more than a second total to all scans.


Inventory Kamera has a discord server. Feel free to join or ask questions there.

Full Changelog: v1.3.2...v1.3.4

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