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Inventory Kamera V1.3.3

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19 months ago

What's new

  • Packaged with data for game version 3.3.
    • A solution to the auto updater is still in progress. In the meantime this is a manual update to the lookups to include:
      • Characters: Wanderer, Faruzan
      • Weapons: Toukabou Shigure, Tulaytullah's Remembrance
      • Artifact Sets: Desert Pavilion, Flower of Paradise Lost

Important Changes in Version 3.3 Scanning

There is new behavior in v3.3 affecting inventory which can impact scanning. When changing resolutions, the item description card does not appear in a predictable position. If you change resoltuions before a scan, Please make sure to go into your inventory and scroll the item card on the right-hand side to the very top. Kamera needs to be able to read the nameplate of the item otherwise it does not know what it is scanning. Please see #404 for more information.

Additionally I wasn’t aware you can rename Wonderer if you get them. If you rename your Wanderer sufficiently different than “wanderer” there’s a good chance it’s going to mess up the scanning that character and one other character it thinks it scans. This will need an update to Kamera as there’s not really a workaround besides keeping the default name.


Inventory Kamera has a discord server. Feel free to join or ask questions there.

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