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Inventory Kamera V1.3.1

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21 months ago

What's Changed

    • Inventory Kamera relied on an opensource github repository, GenshinData, maintained by dimbreath, that has been recently taken offline due to a DMCA claim. To quiet crashes and warnings, the auto updater is temporarily disabled until something new is implemented. This release will have game data for version 3.2 included. If a solution isn't implemented by game version 3.3, please see the README on how to update manually. You're also welcome to join the discord (below!) for more information.

What's Fixed

  • Fixed #372 by @blowin in #386
    • Fixes rare crash when scanning materials
  • Fixed #392
    • Fixes artifact and weapon scanning stopping too early when using certain filtering configurations

New Contributors


Inventory Kamera has a discord server. Feel free to join or ask questions there.

Full Changelog: v1.3.0...v1.3.1

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