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Inventory Kamera V1.3.0

latest releases: v1.3.16, v1.3.15, v1.3.14...
22 months ago

What's Changed

  • Fullscreen focus support by @TitaniumLexa in #352
  • Bring window to front once the scan is finished or stopped by @mineminemine in #355
  • Added JSON settings provider by @TitaniumLexa in #362
    • Settings now carry between versions correctly. Settings will be reset to default when downloading this update so remember to edit any old settings you may have changed previously

What's Fixed

  • Dendro goblets now scan correctly
  • Artifact sets now scanned more accurately
    • No more Gladiators turning into Gamblers!
  • Material quantities now scanned more accurately
    • Material scanning speed might be slightly slower than previous versions but it is not very noticeable

New Contributors

Discord server

Inventory Kamera now has a discord server. Please try to go there or to this repo's issue pages with questions.

Full Changelog: v1.2.8...v1.3.0

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