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Inventory Kamera V1.2.5

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2 years ago

What's New

  • Manual export button
    • If you stop the program mid scan, there is now a button to manually export everything that was completely scanned.
  • Weapon and artifact minimum level filtering
    • Now you can filter on rarity and levels for scanning. If items do not meet rarity or level filter settings, they will not be saved. If items do not meet both rarity and level filters, then the scanner will stop scanning that section and move on.
  • Options to keep item assigned to a character
    • Disabling this option will simply reset the "location" field to empty as if the item is not equipped for a character.
  • Update manager simplified to a few clicks
    • Kamera will tell you that it did not update it's game data when you click the "Update lookup tables" under options. If this happens, you can still force it to check for an update if you know there is a new update available.


  • Dimbreath updated the keys in their data dump slightly which caused the auto updater to not work. This has been fixed.
  • Weapon/Artifact rarity scanning at higher resolutions
    • At high resolutions, item cards are slightly different which broke rarity scanning somewhat. I've added something that I hope to fix this, though I can't make the game run in a window larger than 1080p so this is a bit experimental.
  • Material quantity scanning
    • This has always been hard to scan because of the way the quantity of items are tied directly to where the item is on the inventory screen. Hopefully this update fixes many of the "failed to parse quantity for X" errors.

Full Changelog: v1.2.4...v1.2.5

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