github AnalogJ/capsulecd v3.0.9

Timestamp SHA Message Author
2019-07-22T04:46Z 805216ee (v3.0.9) Automated packaging of release by CapsuleCD CapsuleCD
2019-07-22T04:44Z 41af191b Merge ec99f205926ac62566fb235659146ed64aa69c50 into be917dd9175b3d72b7dcda87432351c48bc9391f Jason Kulatunga
2019-07-22T04:44Z ec99f205 trying to fix scm_github_access_token_type mocking. Jason Kulatunga
2019-07-22T04:39Z 46699734 lock govcr version to sha, tags are broken. Jason Kulatunga
2019-07-21T20:59Z 56d2ce23 allow specifying app access tokens for use with CapsuleCD. Jason Kulatunga
2019-07-21T20:22Z be917dd9 fixing dockerfiles for CI. Jason Kulatunga
latest releases: v3.0.18, v3.0.17, v3.0.16...
14 months ago