github AnalogJ/capsulecd v3.0.16

Timestamp SHA Message Author
2019-11-17T18:47Z cdde623a (v3.0.16) Automated packaging of release by Packagr packagr-io-beta
2019-11-17T18:36Z 794c3e36 Merge 4afab2e9f30ee2a17ec494fab1c4947905de2d5d into 76897712260fcf1d1a6cf5093fce170b9f37bf7f Jason Kulatunga
2019-11-17T18:36Z 4afab2e9 bump up govcr version. Jason Kulatunga
2019-11-17T18:17Z 6ae57caa remove go mod references in build. Jason Kulatunga
2019-11-17T18:07Z 850a7767 re-introduce Gopkg files for capsulecd packaging. will be deleted in subsequent deploy. Jason Kulatunga
2019-11-17T17:51Z 1fd28ede trying to fix capsulecd config to use go mod. Jason Kulatunga
2019-11-17T17:49Z 5c18378e trying to fix govcr. Jason Kulatunga
2019-11-17T17:33Z 90deda74 fix -mod vendor Jason Kulatunga
2019-11-17T17:25Z 461f9ec9 make sure we run go mod vendor. Jason Kulatunga
2019-11-17T16:50Z b5498bfc added go mod to the detection code. Jason Kulatunga
2019-11-17T16:46Z 4deca970 migrate from dep to go mod Jason Kulatunga
2019-11-17T16:57Z 76897712 bump go build environment to 1.13.4 Jason Kulatunga
latest releases: v3.0.18, v3.0.17
10 months ago