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2019-10-10T15:58Z c9a75af0 (v3.0.15) Automated packaging of release by Packagr packagr-io-beta
2019-10-10T15:51Z 517cec73 Merge 8fec895d1cb8c2545ccc42525eabdb6edae955bb into 1fc220b4e2f519d0875409a06a78ae30d5642fa6 Jason Kulatunga
2019-10-10T15:51Z 8fec895d fixing broken test branch. Jason Kulatunga
2019-10-10T15:37Z 7c012ae5 package manager is a bterrer name than dependency manager. Jason Kulatunga
2019-10-10T15:36Z 8f6c3eec fixed message. Jason Kulatunga
2019-10-10T15:36Z e64b1785 added new error for unknown manager. Jason Kulatunga
2019-10-10T15:30Z c19dce66 fixing generic mgr type. Jason Kulatunga
2019-10-09T05:54Z 5524f17c added generic type. ensure it'll be created correctly. Jason Kulatunga
2019-10-09T05:52Z 1fc220b4 Merge pull request #130 from AnalogJ/coverage trying to fix coverage. Jason Kulatunga
2019-09-18T05:44Z 5f56165b trying to fix coverage. Jason Kulatunga
2019-09-18T05:35Z d7973d5c trying to fix coverage. Jason Kulatunga
2019-09-18T04:57Z d8f4a0e5 trying to fix coverage. Jason Kulatunga
2019-09-12T16:02Z 299707e8 Update Jason Kulatunga
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