github AnalogJ/capsulecd v3.0.14

Timestamp SHA Message Author
2019-09-12T15:49Z b1539425 (v3.0.14) Automated packaging of release by Packagr packagr-io-beta
2019-09-12T15:41Z 84c57a95 Merge 8f8fbe62a810b124d2b5258ca28821984350f7e0 into 22f3e1ca31d50f5604d2dd1cf6d5981509fff202 Jason Kulatunga
2019-09-12T15:41Z 8f8fbe62 fixing golang tests, GOPATH needs to be set for mgr. Jason Kulatunga
2019-09-12T15:36Z d91a6582 persist the lockfile for this project. make sure we can build mulitple binaries in the cmd dir. Jason Kulatunga
2019-09-12T06:03Z 22f3e1ca reenable OSX builds. Jason Kulatunga
2019-09-12T06:02Z b7ff5078 development container cannot be slim, since the osx build tools are missing (needed for dogfood releasing). Jason Kulatunga
latest releases: v3.0.18, v3.0.17, v3.0.16...
12 months ago