github AnalogJ/capsulecd v3.0.0

Timestamp SHA Message Author
2018-08-28T16:24Z ea1ff0db (v3.0.0) Automated packaging of release by CapsuleCD CapsuleCD
2018-08-28T16:07Z d1e23741 Merge ac9b44441227f3e4c606462785ec5929da83719e into 73c25445e73738e27fd436f53ccf80f348c09a5b Jason Kulatunga
2018-08-28T16:04Z ac9b4444 ensure that tests use a mocked config. Jason Kulatunga
2018-08-28T15:50Z e53a2e96 disable gometalinter completely in v1. Jason Kulatunga
2018-08-28T15:41Z d33b24ba disbale linter. Jason Kulatunga
2018-08-28T15:28Z 98adabee only enable fast linters. Jason Kulatunga
2018-08-28T01:46Z 5f0191ef ignore codecov upload. Jason Kulatunga
2018-08-28T01:13Z a71fa91e archive coverage data. Jason Kulatunga
2018-08-28T00:32Z 301f26e4 refactoring to build test binaries seperately from testing. Jason Kulatunga
2018-08-27T19:46Z f481ee9b print debug information about build env to figure out why go test is failing. Jason Kulatunga
2018-08-27T17:32Z 4553dc9e fixes for engine. Jason Kulatunga
2018-08-27T17:02Z 70daa359 fixes for engine. Jason Kulatunga
2018-08-27T17:00Z 8be3cf09 ensure blank line after tag. Jason Kulatunga
2018-08-27T16:39Z 4a7a6289 fixes for broken tests. Jason Kulatunga
2018-08-27T16:09Z 9c0456f0 workflows only work on master. Jason Kulatunga
2018-08-27T16:06Z a5fdf4ee rename config.yaml in circleci dir. Jason Kulatunga
2018-08-27T16:04Z 6b74e94c re-add workflows. Jason Kulatunga
2018-08-27T16:01Z 665bb1e5 comment out workflows.. Jason Kulatunga
2018-08-27T16:00Z 71602a55 build every week. Jason Kulatunga
2018-08-27T15:50Z 1833ebf1 make sure that all test suites are targeted to only run on their language. Jason Kulatunga
2018-08-27T15:34Z fa601cd2 fix import cycle. Jason Kulatunga
2018-08-27T15:19Z d1db6d99 always run all test suites before returning. Jason Kulatunga
2018-08-27T15:01Z ceee48ea dont override default shell. Jason Kulatunga
2018-08-27T15:00Z 6a70228a dont override default shell. Jason Kulatunga
2018-08-27T14:46Z d8b4c219 print exit codes. Jason Kulatunga
2018-08-27T05:19Z d5c5e604 cleanup of old test suite. Jason Kulatunga
2018-08-27T05:17Z 9d93ac1f adding test suite. Jason Kulatunga
2018-08-27T02:11Z c7df6905 using instead of Added a test suite, including a live test integrating with pypi test site. Jason Kulatunga
2018-08-27T00:17Z e09d4888 MAJOR change. Adding ability to customize package manager. Jason Kulatunga
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