github AnalogJ/capsulecd v2.0.7

Timestamp SHA Message Author
2017-07-30T19:43Z fa22043b (v2.0.7) Automated packaging of release by CapsuleCD CapsuleCD
2017-07-30T19:09Z e2013efb Merge 2b75905431e94ad178938473a30d2b4cb4d3d3b0 into 307e377a73453fcd86744189ffbebd623d84e217 Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-30T19:08Z 2b759054 wtf 30 mins of linting?? Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-30T18:45Z 10ff05ce build mac version first, and linux last so that linters dont complain. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-30T17:34Z 3421bf50 oops, wrong folder. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-30T17:31Z ca60c6d2 copy over the correct libgit2.pc file before each build. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-30T17:21Z 6093f589 use . to source files in sh shell. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-30T17:14Z 21dabc29 Update Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-30T17:13Z 307e377a embed the os and architecture in build. specify the version in outpu artifacts. Jason Kulatunga
latest releases: v3.0.18, v3.0.17, v3.0.16...
3 years ago