github AnalogJ/capsulecd v2.0.6

Timestamp SHA Message Author
2017-07-29T22:54Z abb8c319 (v2.0.6) Automated packaging of release by CapsuleCD CapsuleCD
2017-07-29T22:17Z 9a55f7ea Merge 4906560c48afd388de03c0d05f79c5849c7a66aa into f258c680346214f6f125bd514c7f963423dfa29c Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-29T22:17Z 4906560c added ability to set api endpoint for github scm. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-29T21:22Z 481852a0 20 minutes testing max. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-29T21:04Z c18849ff fixing engine base. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-29T18:31Z 9a04f8ee handle multiple commands. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-29T17:20Z f258c680 updating base image for Cross Compliation to windows and Mac. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-27T19:38Z 1c7ede6c updating screenshot. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-27T18:53Z 8ec73468 moved screencast video location. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-27T18:50Z 9cccc38b adding screencast. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-27T18:48Z 13c00399 adding screencast. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-27T17:36Z 6868afc4 fix Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-27T17:35Z 44445618 update readme. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-27T17:30Z a5d4b220 update readme. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-27T17:22Z 89b57a85 updated docs. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-27T16:02Z 25a5cd91 added documentation for capsule.yml file. Jason Kulatunga
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