github AnalogJ/capsulecd v2.0.5

Timestamp SHA Message Author
2017-07-27T04:13Z 301e8e6b (v2.0.5) Automated packaging of release by CapsuleCD CapsuleCD
2017-07-27T03:58Z a81c549f Merge 0a0c836702a760306345d3dfe4e1555f4d5cf432 into 664f56bfe24b27db53d0967a48023b8ad7536c49 Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-27T03:58Z 0a0c8367 updated the metalinter timeout lenght. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-27T01:37Z 654d2538 make sure capsulecd is ignored from further pushes. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-27T01:36Z 098e7762 include version info in binary header block. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-27T01:17Z 7dd5491f adding invalid branch test to checkout. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-27T00:49Z ba681632 adding tests/code coverage. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-26T23:49Z 664f56bf fix print statement. Jason Kulatunga
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3 years ago