github AnalogJ/capsulecd v2.0.22

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2017-11-25T06:33Z 8ee390c0 (v2.0.22) Automated packaging of release by CapsuleCD CapsuleCD
2017-11-25T06:06Z c074da9b Merge 18f8f147c7c0dadc6465618ba3b1f3723e6009f2 into 5d40edb90045965b7b8564be95f9eea1518c2954 Jason Kulatunga
2017-11-25T06:04Z 18f8f147 fixing an issue where PR's from forked repos will not have the merge branch ref. Jason Kulatunga
latest releases: v3.0.18, v3.0.17, v3.0.16...
2 years ago