github AnalogJ/capsulecd v2.0.1

Timestamp SHA Message Author
2017-07-26T05:21Z b2270014 (v2.0.1) Automated packaging of release by CapsuleCD CapsuleCD
2017-07-26T05:18Z 8550919c Merge 37399b515f3aeedf7a5e9c2c71d2993854d2ced5 into 02b413dbbe8c7869501c1ac087e3d956437b43e9 Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-26T05:17Z 37399b51 fix cmd execution with new buffering prefix + logging support. removed free calls from git.go. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-26T04:57Z 1fee6652 fix asset publishing. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-26T04:54Z d988c01c fixing scm tests to use mock config so that we dont get weird ENV specific errors. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-26T03:45Z 98cf4674 fixing scm tests. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-26T03:36Z 33c3a01d adding a post dependencies install hook to copy libgit2.pc file. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-26T03:29Z d86f18e3 adding code to run pre/post hooks as bash commands. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-26T01:18Z 9c842a98 update the deadline of gometalinter to 3 mintutes by default. (override for capsulecd to 5mins). Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-26T01:13Z 4e033fb0 re-added gopath to the golang engine. redirecting cmdexec to stdout and stderr without using a reader/buffer. added test for writing to stderr. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-26T00:38Z 0a2738db making golang_include_workdir_gopath variable available. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-25T22:49Z d6ee6747 update lint tests. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-25T21:16Z aa439310 debug mode to print errors? Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-25T21:14Z 3d684d95 we only care about errors. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-25T21:12Z ce4e0aef fix flags. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-25T21:10Z ca885a15 customize the linters. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-25T21:04Z e05a3d2c reneable linter override, disabel gotype. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-25T20:58Z f8b38d80 make sure that we only fail linter on errors. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-25T20:56Z ea64e4db fixing linter issues. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-25T20:29Z 5aac7862 renable cyclocehck by default. disable for just capsulecd project. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-25T20:13Z 53679de1 fix git (git2go) references in git.go file. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-25T20:05Z 6f0e49a2 disable gocyclo. ignore the vendor folder when running linter. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-25T16:44Z f78d158a before Opengin PR. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-25T16:22Z 02b413db add support for var and const version rewriting in Golang. added GOPATH support to Golang engine. Modified BashCmdExec to be the default command. BashCmdExec now supports passing in an environment. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-25T03:31Z f7e9fae0 try tests with new scm.cleanup recording. fixing node engine. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-25T02:49Z 7d64fb7e removed dry_run mode. added nearest tag info to github. added info about NearestTagDetails. Handle nearest tag lookup and changelog generation from nearest tag. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-24T14:53Z 4cf2077b fixing golang. Fixed test for latest tagged commit. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-24T06:28Z 969a7af6 fix tagging step for node js. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-24T06:22Z d0b55327 set the status at the end of the run. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-24T06:01Z 1b011eea fies for chef cookbook testing. fixes for node engine npm publishing. added ability to skip cleanup. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-24T02:27Z e5121ecb remove .tox folder. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-24T01:13Z 48fdb481 RUBY engine working correctly. added twine binary. fixed binary header. added TODO for glide GOPATH. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-24T00:28Z a228cd51 added tests for Cleanup method. Updated Capsule.yml with working configuration. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-24T00:11Z 021f0e78 added url in capsulecd header. added SCM cleanup failed error. Ensure that the FullReponame is required. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-23T23:10Z 3e2b9b75 add function to stripIndent (useful with raw string literals) Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-23T22:11Z becbfd83 adding golang test suite. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-23T21:31Z d2d0c249 added ability to unmarshal data from Config class. added example scm_release_assets.yml file. updated pipeline with step to compile code after dependencies are downloaded. added compilestep to interface adn all engines. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-23T19:18Z 5ed2459d added the ability to publish assets. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-23T17:35Z e446ef1b added dockerfile for ruby. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-23T17:13Z 9ea3f5d3 fix test suite for ruby. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-23T16:57Z 67ffbc09 fix test suite for ruby. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-23T16:03Z 721cb583 python support/tests/ Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-23T16:02Z 77422617 added python tests. setup dockerfile for python. added a minimal test package for pip. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-23T15:28Z b73cf660 fix tabbing. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-23T15:20Z 710ff3f5 fix tabbing. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-23T15:09Z 4fc14c08 handle nodejs. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-23T06:15Z 003e3ba5 test other bumpversion patterns. added node test suite. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-23T05:11Z 16583207 fix coverage. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-23T05:02Z 85894da8 fix coverage. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-23T04:56Z c924be95 fix coverage. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-23T04:24Z 137ff77d fix coverage. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-23T04:23Z 3d9725f9 fix coverage. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-23T04:07Z ab2a33a2 fix coverage. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-23T03:53Z cbb26e72 fix coverage. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-23T03:38Z e22416d2 fix coverage. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-23T03:26Z 8eda0780 fix coverage. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-23T03:14Z 7fd4c2d7 fix test. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-23T03:11Z 0d298cb2 fix test. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-23T03:03Z 850ea7f1 fix test. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-23T02:56Z a3f36281 use gocovmerge to upload to codecov. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-23T01:59Z 2a7b0d88 fix the docker images. fixed Rakefile lookup. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-23T00:47Z 5d853dcf make sure that curl is available on circleci. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-22T22:46Z 3a333719 make sure that curl is available on circleci. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-22T22:35Z 76327c33 update paths and try to fix chef failures. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-22T22:21Z b09f7b69 make sure that bash is installed. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-22T21:56Z b9a5cbf5 use bash shell. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-22T21:38Z 676c2df7 use bash shell. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-22T21:02Z 24330110 added a command to docker ci containers. using codecov not coveralls. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-22T20:34Z b0cb910d add a new test for getLatestTag. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-22T20:26Z c7b51452 renamed mock's again (To match package names) Made init functions public, so that we can test them in the interface (classes are still private) Added factory test suites. Added empty codecov yaml file. added empty capsule.yml file. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-22T18:56Z 273d617a make sure its clear when chef tests start. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-22T17:48Z 4713abb3 clean up dependencies in "full cookbook" Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-22T17:45Z 1b5d1503 fix the berksfile generator. added a minimal cookbook. fix GenerateGitIgnore function. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-22T16:38Z 029dc6a4 fix how we embed the base class in engines. Changed all asserts to require (asserts dont fail immediately, causing confusing errors). Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-22T05:23Z 1be1efdf add new recording. fixed mocks (remove _test). adding new scm tests. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-21T19:52Z ec3c49f7 moved mocks into their own package. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-21T18:54Z 3284bcaa generate gitignore. Added mocks for all interfaces (engine, scm, config) Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-21T17:56Z 730ca8a5 move all overrideable engine commands into the init (config.SetDefault()) Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-21T16:24Z 6ac6c28d go fmt Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-21T16:15Z 69412976 removed unnecessary import. update engine. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-21T05:17Z 302fa5ef added dependency security check tools to each engine. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-21T00:56Z 77597880 fixed tests. adding new steps. Renamed build -> assemble. Removed dependency installation into its own step. Added docuemtation on interface defintiion. added flags to documentation, Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-20T23:15Z 609d268e fixed tests Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-20T22:22Z fed7e7cc fixed tests (setup, test, assert, teardown) added lots more tests for coverage. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-20T14:35Z 3fc89e4a remove debug call from goveralls. added bitbucket library to glide. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-20T04:15Z b1a22934 specify the coveralls token and the service type. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-20T04:04Z 78adc521 remove all refernces to a specific testdir (use tmp directories, that are automatically cleaned up) Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-20T03:14Z b248ee09 check for race conditions. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-20T03:04Z 4b34d123 check for race conditions. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-20T02:40Z 8661daaa using goveralls inside containers. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-20T00:37Z 540bb3f9 try bumping up the version of remote docker to allow multistage builds. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-20T00:29Z f2a71105 change docker version for multistage support. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-20T00:22Z 3c8d3b0f add buildbase. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-20T00:17Z 1ab75118 trying to fix circle.yml. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-20T00:17Z 4e4bdba7 trying to fix circle.yml. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-20T00:13Z 68b0b6a3 put path in quotes. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-20T00:13Z 905b1c90 fix extra colon. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-20T00:11Z c629c676 use circleci v2. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-19T23:18Z 2672ef8f fix docker build in circleci. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-19T23:14Z a381f04b removed build-multi, into its own repo. added a ci folder which contains dockerfiles for Testing. added a chef tag to teh chef engine test (so they only run in the correct docker image). Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-19T06:21Z d751eb47 added golang engine (WIP). added ability to skip stages. WIP docker files. Can successfully build static binary when using linux-amd64 + env vars + copying all libs manually into /usr/lib/*.a Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-19T02:06Z b23325f4 added linters to readme. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-19T02:01Z 766076e2 used gofmt -w pkg/*/.go to reformat code. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-19T01:56Z 014ca149 moved files from lib into pkg folder. (best practice folder structure) Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-19T01:18Z 947d5f59 finished Ruby engine. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-18T16:02Z ca088be3 add node engine, clean some if conditions. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-18T15:23Z 1a62f1c4 added python package. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-18T04:57Z 8ed9e61f dont use hardcoded paths. tempfile knife and pem Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-18T00:43Z 9b292968 ssl not working. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-17T20:24Z 85084f3a static binary compiled. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-17T18:55Z d149b0fb used go fmt to format code files. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-17T17:47Z 9e29bea5 fixed some references to use new. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-17T17:45Z d53da91d get rid of some unnecessary package prefixes. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-17T17:42Z 6456008c refactored scm options into pipeline data store (since its shared between engine and scm). Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-17T16:22Z 105d0192 linked capsulecd cmd to Pipeline. made some tests parallel. Created a dockerfile to build capsulecd binary successfully (for debian only). Updated readme. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-17T04:25Z 58e0c988 fixed the pointer referencing/dereferencing. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-17T04:03Z 467c9712 set the ReleaseVersion. fixed Source Publish endpoint. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-17T02:50Z 8b60ac3d correctly set RemoteTag. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-17T02:18Z 46addec5 finished chef engine. Renamed Release errors to Dist errors. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-17T00:22Z 2545509b Renamed Pipeline ReleaseStep to DistStep Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-16T22:59Z f71db8ff fix fileexists. added EngineBase BumpVersion method. Added BuildStep function for Chef cookbook. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-16T21:02Z 6727c42d added test cookbook and other libraries to the engine package. started working on method to read chef metadata from generated metadata.json. added test for chef buildstep. added abilit to create custom error. CmdExec function working. amake sure that utils.Git* tests run in parallel. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-16T18:28Z 4a125831 added Initialization status to Config. Adding Engine steps and interface. Adding EngineFactory. Added CmdExec method. Added Pipeline class. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-16T08:39Z 4c7b6777 working process push payload. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-16T06:45Z 863b1226 working process push payload. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-16T05:30Z 91f95d02 finishing off ProcessPushPayload in Github Scm. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-16T05:20Z cf544dd3 removed unnecessary todos. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-16T05:20Z 87eecdfa working git utilities. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-16T02:56Z f26a1f84 added new error. handle authentication. Lots of git utility methods done and tested, Working on GitLastestTaggedCommit. working git2go (manually built the libgit2 library) Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-15T15:31Z e0f93f98 working errors, VCR recording, updated interface, error handling. started working on push payload. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-15T04:12Z 08db22bb working on Github PR payload retrieval. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-15T03:38Z 7be4449f using viper configuration. working on scm (used to be called source). Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-14T22:07Z e128ef37 working configuration, before using viper configuraiton. Jason Kulatunga
2017-07-12T23:58Z 71e127d3 capsulecd golang init. Jason Kulatunga
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