github AlexAkulov/clickhouse-backup v2.2.7

11 days ago



  • Auto-tuning concurrency and buffer size related parameters depending on remote storage type, fix 658
  • add CLICKHOUSE_BACKUP_MUTATIONS and CLICKHOUSE_RESTORE_AS_ATTACH config options to allow backup and properly restore table with system.mutations is_done=0 status. fix 529
  • add CLICKHOUSE_CHECK_PARTS_COLUMNS config option and --skip-check-parts-column CLI parameter to watch, create and create_remote commands to disallow backup with inconsistent column data types fix 529
  • add test coverage reports for unit, testflows and integration tests, fix 644
  • use UNFREEZE TABLE in ClickHouse after backup finished to allow s3 and other object storage disks unlock and delete remote keys during merge, fix 423


  • apply SETTINGS check_table_dependencies=0 to DROP DATABASE statement, when pass --ignore-dependencies together with --rm in restore command, fix 651
  • add support for masked secrets for ClickHouse 23.3+, fix 640

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