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2.10.1 beta

latest release: v2.10.1
pre-release5 days ago

Disclaimer Adguard for Mac is not an open-source project. We use GitHub as an open bug tracker for users to see what developers are working on.

With this beta, we've fixed a bug that caused some userscripts with unicode in the name of the main userscript not to work. We've also made some changes to the experimental support for Encrypted ClientHello (ECH) to ensure that it now works in Kext and Automatic Proxy filtering modes. Finally, as usual, we have updated CoreLibs and DNSLibs.



  • The ECH feature does not work with Kext and PAC filtering mode #1226
  • The path modifier does not work on #1738
  • Custom userscripts do not work after updating to v2.10 #1229

Important for filter maintainers

  • $permissions now use Structured Field Values syntax instead of CSP syntax #1748


  • Updated CoreLibs to v1.11.98 #1237
  • Updated DnsLibs to v2.1.38 #1236

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