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3.5 RC 1

A release candidate for the upcoming AdGuard v3.5 for Android is now available. We believe that exposing an RC version to trusted users is a great way to test new features before the release.

This update includes a couple of small fixes and a CoreLibs upgrade – we are eager to polish everything until it shines.


  • [Enhanced] Prepare AdGuard before the v3.5 release #3546
  • [Fixed] Provide an option to disable fallback #3447
  • [Fixed] Fix a bug related with a strange and small "m^" rule #3548


Upgraded CoreLibs to v1.7.64

  • [Fixed] Problematic userscripts #1273
  • [Fixed] AGFDVSocket doesn't return original peer address in case of outbound proxy set #1330
latest release: v3.5
pre-release24 days ago