github AdguardTeam/AdguardForAndroid v3.5-beta-2
3.5 beta 2

In this update, we added a few finishing touches, updated CoreLibs filtering engine and fixed a couple of bugs. Almost there.


  • [Enhancement] Add the "What's new" dialog #3532
  • [Enhancement] Rename adguard.crt to AdGuardCertificate.pem #3489
  • [Fixed] Wrong state of the disabled option #3538


Upgraded CoreLibs to v1.7.58

  • [Enhancement] #@# without any domains specified should disable the rule completely #1296
  • [Fixed] Connection has timed out in state have-result #1180
  • [Fixed] OCSP checks aren't passed through the selected DNS #1328
latest releases: v3.5, v3.5-rc-1
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