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AdGuard Home v0.107.47

latest release: v0.107.48
8 days ago

Another security and bug fix update, but this time we also fix a 🕒 time zone selection issue and a few other annoying bugs!


A special thanks to our community moderation team, @AdguardTeam/community-moderators, as well as to everyone who filed and inspected issues, added translations, and helped us test this release!

Full changelog

See also the v0.107.47 GitHub milestone.


  • Go version has been updated to prevent the possibility of exploiting the Go vulnerabilities fixed in Go 1.22.2.


  • Time Zone Database is now embedded in the binary (#6758).

  • Failed authentication attempts show the originating IP address in the logs, if the request came from a trusted proxy (#5829).


  • Go 1.22 support. Future versions will require at least Go 1.23 to build.

  • Currently, AdGuard Home uses a best-effort algorithm to fix invalid IDs of filtering-rule lists on startup. This feature is deprecated, and invalid IDs will cause errors on startup in a future version.

  • Node.JS 16. Future versions will require at least Node.JS 18 to build.


  • Resetting DNS upstream mode when applying unrelated settings (#6851).

  • Symbolic links to the configuration file begin replaced by a copy of the real file upon startup on FreeBSD (#6717).


  • Go 1.21 support.

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