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AdGuard Home v0.103.3

Hotfixes are so much cooler than regular fixes:

  • Regular fixes are slow, hotfixes are quick to come
  • Fixing something is admitting your mistakes, hotfixing is proving you care
  • Fixes bore you with long changelogs, hotfixes get straight to the point
  • You can't say 'hotfix' without 'hot', and hot is cool 😎

At AdGuard, we respect coolness, that's why we only hotfix. In this one, we address a couple of bugs from v0.103.

  • Several UI issues: #1926 #1934 #1927 #1922 #1916 #1921
  • Dashboard is loading very slowly when there are many IP/CIDR in the "Disallowed clients" list #1920
  • Fix DNS rewrites behavior for AAAA rewrites: #1918

Have a good weekend everyone!

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3 months ago