github AdAway/AdAway v5.0.0b
Version 5.0.0

  • Add new home screen
    • Provides all main controls from one screen
    • Displays currently blocked, allowed and redirected domains
    • Displays current hosts sources status and control to force apply
  • Add non root ad-blocking feature
    • Uses a builtin local VPN to filter DNS request to blocked domains
    • Based on the work of dns66 by julian-klode
    • Allows to excluded system applications and per user applications
  • Add builtin updater with changelog display
  • Add feature to quickly pause and resume ad-blocking
  • Add wizard screen for first run setup
  • Add feature to display and filter all blocked, allowed, redirect domains
  • Improve preferences screen
  • Add broadcast receiver to control ad-blocking from third party applications
  • Update Android target to Android 10
  • Improve root and shell support
  • Split translation files to easier understand their context
  • Add GitHub action test and build tasks
latest releases: v5.8.0, v5.7.0, v5.6.0...
pre-release18 months ago