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🛑 Announcement: Project Development Discontinuation:

While there's an extremely weak possibility that I may find time in the distant future (maybe years) to resume maintenance of WinPaletter, as of now, Version is likely to be the final release within the next few days or weeks (or subsequent 1.0.9.x versions). Comprehensive details will be provided in the, and I'll proceed to archive this repository accordingly. Thank you sincerely for your support and for choosing WinPaletter.

⚠️ Warning
If you are using command lines, type WinPaletter -? in any terminal to know new commands formats

The same as,,, and except for a new feature, some application improvements and bugs fixes:

New feature: Windows Visual Styles

  • In this release, WinPaletter introduces a new feature that allows you to change Windows Visual Styles (part of #225).
  • This feature requires patching UxTheme.dll. There will be a guide available within its form to patch it, either by using SecureUxTheme from its official releases in its repository (recommended) or by utilizing the SecureUxTheme setup wrapper provided by WinPaletter.


Application improvements

  • A new option is made to skip setting theme from (default\aero lite) in Windows 10/11
  • Making WinPaletter can block aspect applying in its specific form if it was blocked in settings by 'Aspects control'
  • Toggle compact\expanded layout in the main form (for small resolutions)
  • Minor tweaks to make WinPaletter can handle Windows 12 (arbitary, exactly the same as Windows 11 until new developers work on it with Windows 12 release)

Bug fixes

  • Fix the issue where a system user account (NT SERVICE) appears among normal users (part of #225).
  • Fix the issue where using the command line option "--apply" with a non-existing theme file still opens WinPaletter instead of exiting.
  • Fix the issue where using the command line option "--apply" with Windows 11 applied with a custom visual style brings back aero.msstyles, while the GUI doesn't (part of #225).
  • Fix the UI issue of a black area in tabs when the title bar is not.

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