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Update Package | 增量更新包:

Update package for v3.90.01 and later versions | 适用于 v3.90.01 及以后版本 的更新包

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Change log | 更新日志:

- New Feature: Import and use 3rd party model for Real-ESRGAN engine.
- New Feature: Bring back lossless PNG compression for static images.
- New Feature: Bit depth adjustment and 16 bit image output for Waifu2x-caffe engine.
- New Feature: Now you can adjust the size of status console.
- Improve image quality when using custom resolution.
- Better denoise levels support for Real-CUGAN native 4x upscale.
- Smarter model picking for Real-CUGAN.
- Improved automatic multithreading, better utilize the performance of high-end PCs.
- [Constant Rate Factor (CRF)] in the [Custom video settings] now supports more encoders.
- Improve VFR video detection.
- Some UI improvements.
- Improve network stability for checking new updates and update QR code.
- Update several plugins.
- Fix multiple bugs.

- 新特性: Real-ESRGAN引擎支持导入与使用第三方模型.
- 新特性: PNG无损压缩功能回归.
- 新特性: Waifu2x-caffe引擎支持位深度调整与16位深度图像输出.
- 新特性: 现在您可以调整底部状态文本框的大小.
- 改进使用自定义分辨率时的图像质量.
- Real-CUGAN原生4x放大支持更多降噪等级
- 更智能的Real-CUGAN模型选择.
- 改进自动多线程, 更充分的利用高端PC的性能.
- 自定义视频设置中的[CRF 固定码率因子]参数现在可以支持更多编码器.
- 改进VFR可变帧率视频检测.
- 一些UI细节改进.
- 改进在线检测更新与更新QR码的网络稳定性.
- 更新多个内部插件.
- 修复多项问题.

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