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Change log | 更新日志:

- New Feature: Save GIF as APNG.
- New Feature: [Auto empty Files List], Automatically empty Files List after finished processing. (Disabled by default, additional settings)
- Some internal structural improvements for GUI.
- Fix bug: Duration and FPS ERROR when processing very short videos. (Thanks to Miles Presley for reporting this bug)

- New Feature: Smarter video compatibility check, significantly reduced the need to convert video to MP4.
- New option: [Always convert to MP4], always convert video to mp4 to ensure compatibility.
- Fix bug: Sometimes unable to output image when using [Convert format ONLY (Static Images)].
- Fix bug: Using [Convert format ONLY (Static Images)] may result in complete loss of the input image.

- 新特性: 保存 GIF 为 APNG.
- 新特性: [自动清空文件列表], 处理完列表内所有文件后自动清空列表. (默认不启用, 附加设置)
- 一些GUI内部结构改进.
- 修复问题: 当处理超短视频时的时长和帧率错误.

- 新特性: 智能判断视频编码是否兼容, 大幅增加可直接处理的视频格式数量.
- 新选项: [总是转换视频到 MP4], 您可以选择总是将视频强制转换视频到mp4以增强兼容性.
- 修复问题: 仅转换图片格式模式无法正常输出图片.
- 修复问题: 仅转换图片格式模式可能造成输入图片彻底丢失.

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