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Update Package | 增量更新包:

Update package for v3.83.21 and later versions | 适用于 v3.83.21 及以后版本 的更新包

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Change log | 更新日志:

- New Feature: Save GIF as other formats, including mp4, webp and webm. (At Image settings)
- New Feature: [Optimize Looped video] option, improve the effcet of frame interpolation.when processing looped video.(At Additional settings)
- Significantly improved the speed and space usage of [Pre-processing Boost].
- Improve video quality, smarter video quality control.
- New hardware decoders: OpenCL and Vulkan.
- New aspect ratio strategy: Specify Width(or Height) ONLY.
- Update FFmpeg and improve compatibility.
- Fix multiple bugs.
- Improve UI, compatibility test and daily tips.

- 新特性: 将GIF另存为其他格式, 包括mp4, webp和webm.(位于图片设置选项卡)
- 新特性: [优化循环的视频] 选项, 启用以改进处理循环视频时的补帧效果.(位于附加设定选项卡)
- 大幅改进[预处理加速], 加快速度以及减少空间占用.
- 改进视频画质, 更加智能的视频质量控制.
- 新的纵横比策略: 仅指定宽度(或高度)
- 新的硬件解码器: OpenCL和Vulkan.
- 更新FFmpeg并改善兼容性.
- 修复多项问题.
- 改进用户界面, 兼容性测试以及每日提示.

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