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3 years ago

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Change log:

  • ### New Feature: APNG (Animated PNG) support.
  • Automatically try to create output folder when the output folder does not exist.
  • New option for system tray menu.
  • Improve GUI.
  • Performance optimization.
  • Update FFmpeg, ImageMagick.
  • Fix multiple bugs and some other improvements.


  • ### 新特性: APNG (动态PNG) 支持.
  • 当输出文件夹不存在时自动尝试创建它.
  • 为任务栏菜单添加选项.
  • 改进图形界面.
  • 性能优化.
  • 更新FFmpeg,ImageMagick.
  • 修复多个bug以及一些其他改进.



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