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Change log | 更新日志:

- Improved the [Video Color Management] UI to support direct selection of all pixel formats supported by the current video encoder.
- Optimized UI performance.
- Fixed an issue where a small part of the content might be omitted at the end of the video when [Process video by segment] is enabled.
- Fixed an issue where using [Optimize Looped video] might generate extra duplicate frames, resulting in unsmooth loop playback.
- Fixed an issue where extra frames appeared at the end of the video after frame interpolation.
- Fixed an issue where enabling both [Target FPS] and [Optimize Looped video] could cause errors.
- Fixed an issue where using [Target FPS] to interpolate very short videos resulted in an actual frame rate lower than expected.
- Fixed a conflict issue between [Speed Boost] and [Optimize Looped video].
- Fixed a conflict issue between [Scene Shift Detection] and optimized looped videos.
- Fixed compatibility issues with the latest version of ffmpeg and updated the built-in ffmpeg to the latest version, preparing for future support of more video encoders and decoders.
- Fixed compatibility issues with the latest version of ffprobe and updated the built-in ffprobe to the latest version.
- Fixed a rare issue where Real-ESRGAN might freeze when processing videos and animated images.
- Updated the User Guide, adding jump links to the directory.
- Updated daily tips.
- Corrected typos.

- 改进[视频色彩管理]的UI, 支持直接选择当前视频编码器支持的所有像素格式.
- 优化UI性能.
- 修复了启用[分段处理视频]后, 视频末尾可能有少部分内容被遗落的问题
- 修复了使用[优化循环的视频]时, 可能额外生成重复帧, 继而造成循环播放不流畅的问题
- 修复了对视频补帧后, 视频末尾有多余帧的问题
- 修复了同时启用[指定帧率]和[优化循环的视频]可能导致错误的问题.
- 修复了使用[指定帧率]时, 对很短的视频补帧后, 生成的视频实际帧率偏低的问题
- 修复了[智能加速]与[优化循环的视频]冲突的问题
- 修复了[转场检测]与优化循环视频冲突的问题
- 修复了与最新版ffmpeg的兼容问题, 并更新内置的ffmpeg到最新版本, 为未来支持更多视频编码器&解码器做准备
- 修复了与最新版ffprobe的兼容问题, 并更新内置的ffprobe到最新版本
- 修复了Real-ESRGAN处理视频和动态图片时, 极少数情况下可能卡死的问题.
- 更新使用教程, 为目录添加跳转链接.
- 更新每日提示.
- 更正错字.

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